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Muscle Relaxers

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Muscle Relaxers

Available muscle relaxants in one convenient online pharmacy

In this section, we have collected drugs that lead to relaxation of the striated muscles and are called muscle relaxants or muscle relaxants. There are central and peripheral relaxants. The first are used in anesthesiology, the second - to relax the muscles. Thanks to central relaxants, surgeons today perform various operations without resorting to general anesthesia, which is known to affect the central nervous system and the heart.

Muscle pain can be caused by a number of factors: from ordinary stretching or hard training to various diseases: with spinal hernia, osteochondrosis, etc.

Most often, muscle pain occurs in the back and shoulders, especially if the work is associated with physical exertion. The reasons may be different, but the result is the same: severe pain interferes with daily activities, enjoy life, live normally. Disrupted physical activity. Here it is necessary to choose drugs for complex treatment, which can be used along with vitamins, massage, physiotherapy.

It is here that muscle relaxants come to the rescue, which we offer at reasonable prices. In our online pharmacy, you will find drugs such as Cyclobenzaprine Yuredol and Norflex Plus Orphenadrine, which are used for diseases such as osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system that cause muscle spasms and pain.

Muscle relaxants are short and long-acting, this should also be determined by your physician when prescribing, but remember that the use of these drugs for a long time is not recommended.

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